Friday, September 24, 2010

Who loves smoothies? Review + Coupon

Just about every single time I go to the mall, I can't resist stopping at Orange Julius.  However, instead of getting ice cream (even though I want to), I decide to choose a smoothie instead.  I will occasionally decide to get the Pina Colada Fruit Drink since it is cheaper but most of the time, I go with the Tropi-Colada Smoothie.  It is made with frozen yogurt (a healthy alternative to ice cream) and frozen pineapples.

I'm not sure why I never try anything different, but like they say, once you find something you love, stick with it.  To be honest, I don't even drink smoothies - not unless I go there.  I always want to, I do.  They're healthy, they have fruit in them, lots of vitamins, an all around winner.  Perhaps more places should offer the appeal that the Orange Julius smoothies have.

There's one more aspect that Orange Julius offers.  I haven't tried it yet because of the extra charge (and I'm not made of money, sadly) and that is a nutrition boost, which is extra vitamins and minerals.  You can also add a banana (yum!)

I recently found a coupon for ANY 12 oz smoothie for $1.99.  There is a link for that below.  The different choices are:

Light Smoothies (made with splenda, low fat milk, and have less than 250 calories in 12 ounces): Tropical Sunlight, Berry-Pom Twilight, and Strawberry Delight

Premium Fruit Smoothies: Strawberry Xtreme, Tropical Tango, 3-Berry Blast, Strawberry Sensation, Mango Passion, Pomegranate and Berries, Peaches and Cream, Tropi-Colada, Raspberry Crush*, Berry Lemon Lively, Orange Swirl, Banana Chill, and Berry Banana Squeeze*.

* = Dairy Free

Link to the coupon: (expires October 15, 2010)