Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stiletto Palette vlog!

Hey everyone!

Guess what!  I've decided to start a vlog!  I have really gotten into them lately and so I made one that relates to this blog in a way (kind of?).  It's named the same anyways.  I just posted my introduction video with my cell phone and I will be getting a webcam hopefully tomorrow (yay!) so the video quality right now is bad, but for my next video it'll be a LOT better.  Basically I'm going to be doing beauty tips/tutorials, product reviews, reviews in general, how to videos, what's in my _____ videos, etc... It's not going to be the same information I post on here, so no worries there :)  I put the link below so look at it, comment on it, and best of all - subscribe!

Stiletto Palette vlog intro