Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Who knows how to tell the difference between a CZ and a Diamond? By a picture only?

Some CZs are such a high grade (AAAA is the highest) that sometimes it's hard for some jewelers to truly be 100% positive it is a cubic zirconia and not a diamond. Howeve,r most of the time a jeweler or you could tell by placing the rock underneath a microscope and have light reflect off of the rock. Cubic Zirconias are plain white whereas diamonds are prisms, meaning several colors will shine out from the rock.

Also, you can tell easily if a stone is cubic zirconia if it is perfectly cut. Since they are man-made, they are cut to precision so even under magnification, you will not be able to see any flaws. However, diamonds are natural and have many flaws. Of course, those who wish to trick someone may purposely create flaws in a cubic zirconia to make it look like a diamond. Beware of this trick, especially if you do not purchase from a jewelry store with a great reputation!

Another way to tell whether your stone is a real diamond or cubic zirconia is its condition after the first six months or so of wearing it. Diamonds are EXTREMELY hard so if after six months, your "diamond" has chips in it and doesn't appear to have it's original luster, it's not a diamond after all, but a CZ. Cubic Zirconia is brittle and will break easily but not only that, but also is easily chipped during normal wear.

Can you tell which one of the ones below are diamonds and which ones are cubic zirconia?

Comment with your guesses! There may be something special in it for whoever gets the most correct!