Thursday, December 2, 2010

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! I love it!

It's that time of the year again!  No, I don't mean the holidays, I mean.... The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

Also known as....
* I'm too fat and need to go on a diet (time of the year)
* Why are they so beautiful and skinny and I'm not (time of the year)
* I really need a better job so I can afford to buy more beautiful things (time of the year)

We are all familiar with it - and maybe not all of you wish you were thinner, more beautiful, and richer (hahaha) but I am.  But still, I would be front row at every (or almost every) fashion show if I could.  This one is by far no exception.  I watch it every year on CBS and every year I am wonderfully surprised at what they can come up with.  It would be a dream to be a part of this.  Can you imagine?  The clothes, the wings, the makeup, the hair, the stage, the music! (Victoria's Secret, are you listening?)

Ready to come along for the ride?  Awesome :)

It's Newwww Yorkkkk.  I love how this starts, they are so good at building anticipation.  I also love how they are doing the narration from the models' point of view.  As viewers, we all love to see what goes on backstage, and they are giving us the in.

I, for one, am happy that Adriana Lima is the first model to come out.  She has always been one of my favorites.  This song is good too - Tough Love.  I have never heard it before tonight.

So, the first theme is Tough Love.  The corsets are amazing.  Can I just say how much I love corsets?  Yes, I know women in the 1800s despised them, but to me, they are so fashionable and do all the right things. I love all the pinks and reds in this theme as well.  Makes me feel like it's Valentines Day :)

Oh, I love this part.  They are talking about their favorite parts of working as a VS Angel and how they are all  a family.  They all seem so nice, I wonder if they really are.

Favorite quote so far : "When my boyfriend found out I got the Victoria's Secret show, the first thing he said was: 'Can I come?'" - Lily.  hahahaha.  Typical. Her laugh is so adorable.  Very Angel-like :)

Props to Victoria's Secret for booking Katy Perry!  She is beyond perfect for this show.  I mean, this outfit is AMAZING.  The train?  omg.  And I adore this song too.  iTunes, here I come!

Baby, You're a Firework. 

I love how Candace tells us how she views everything: the audience, the lights, the runway, that feeling you get.  As someone who has been on stage, I know the feeling all too well and have to agree with her all the way.  Whether you're singing, dancing, modeling, whatever, there's no greater feeling than your heart beating faster and faster the seconds before you walk out on stage and see all those eyes looking at you.

Oh, this girly gingham look is so cute! This song is perfect too.  If I'm not mistaken, it is Jewel's "What You Are." Is that floral print too?  I miss these cutesty-preppy prints.   I love winter and Christmas and the holidays, but it's nice to have something to look forward to in the Spring :)

I will say this - One thing I love about this fashion show is how happy and cheery they are.  Usually models don't smile but they are all about smiling and laughing on the runway; It's very refreshing.  

The gymnasts?  W-O-W.  It also says a lot, I think, that despite how talented the men in the background are, you still focus on the models.  I love the different sports they all portray... but I have mixed feelings about the soccer ball.  Is having a rounded object on your body, anywhere, really sexy?  The weightlifter though is a total win.  GIRL POWER :) 

You can't be an Angel without wings. 

I love the wings as well.  I think it's great that the models view getting their wings as a special occasion.  It was so sweet when Chanel started crying.  She got to walk first too, yay :)  Another perfect song!  Akon's "Angel" This entire song, I was thinking "Oh, please, Akon, don't hit the models!"  I was so terrified he would knock one of them over or hit their wings! And I have to agree, she did have a gorgeous train.  

She got that whole place glowing.

BEST.THEME.EVER - Wild Things. 
You all should know by now that I am obsessed with animal print.  I am beyond thrilled that it is in style because that means I get to see things like this on the runway!  Zebra, Leopard, Peacock - it's all just so fabulous!  The tribal dancers are awesome too.  Very good introduction.  I also like how they incorporated some of the culture into the show as well (the neck rings).  Oh my!  Those last wings are just extraordinary!  I can't tell what animal that is, but way to go Victoria's Secret!  

Katy Perry and her cute little Pink dog is so adorable.  Ruff ruff!   I guess that means it's PINK time!  This has got to be the best girliest runway ever.  And Rainbow wings?  How cute :) I love all the shine and glitter in the outfits.  It's good to know that trend isn't out considering how much I love it.  The pjs with the butt cut out seriously made me laugh.  "Kiss This"  It sounds vulgar and yet they made it seem cute.  Look!  Chanel has bubble wings and a bubble gun!  How fun! 

The end is cutesy and fun but I have a question - where's the million dollar diamond bra?!?  

That took a really long time, considering I had to watch the entire thing about three times (no complaints!) and then make all the GIFs.  I hope you enjoyed my full review.  Don't forget to subscribe :)  

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