Sunday, October 31, 2010

I dyed my hair!

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Sorry I haven't updated in forever.  I've been working hard on my room, which is coming along wonderfully!  I can't wait for you to see it :)

I also decided to give my hair a little change (Apparently it's my theme this month) so during my latest shopping trip at Rite Aid, I picked up some Garnier Herbashine Hair Color (see below).

Now, I have dyed my hair before, several times in fact.  Because of that, I have always known my favorite to be Herbal Essences.  However, this was on sale and it wasn't a golden or ash color, so I thought I'd give it a try.

My before picture:

I know, it looks horrible.  You can tell that I had highlights in my hair and they were turning red.  I do not want red hair.  I can pull off a lot of colors but there's something that just completely turns me off about red hair.  Some people can pull it off.  Congrats to you.  I'm not one of them.  My hair was also dull.  I can't stand that mousy brown color it seems to want to be.  It drives me insane.  So, it was time for a change.

Step One:  Remove the hair color steps from box
Step Two:  Mix the two bottles and set aside the conditioner for later
Step Three:  Apply to Hair.

By this point, I was very impressed with the scent and how my hair didn't itch at all.  Usually, right after hair color is put on my hair and it's put in a clip, my head starts to itch and there isn't a thing I can do about it.  The hair color said ten minutes, but I wanted it to be lighter since I didn't think the color on the box was much different than my original color.  I ended up leaving it on for about twenty minutes.

Next, Head to the showers!

The fabulous smelling hair dye doubles as shampoo and after thoroughly cleaning it out of my hair, I applied the conditioner that came with it.  Now, my hair is ultra silky smooth (after keeping the conditioner on for about three minutes).  Before stepping out of the shower, I ran cool (almost cold) water all over my hair to make it shiny.

I was anxious to see the finished product so I blow dried my hair.  The result?

I am fairly satisfied with the end result.  I was hoping it would be a bit lighter but it is getting to be winter.  Plus, the color usually lightens over the course of a few days and I have already started to notice it getting lighter.  Sadly, in 28 shampoos, my color will go bye bye.  Will I dye it again?  Maybe not immediately.  Will I use Garnier Herbashine again?  It's likely.

36 Hours Later:

I was shocked that while brushing my hair, I could still smell the conditioner.  Usually, I can't.  I thought I was using a fantastic conditioner.  I adore it, but after less than twelve hours, I can't smell it anymore.  Weird.  VERY impressed with this aspect of the product.

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