Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are these interesting enough to read?

So one topic of my ever-so-organized blog post idea list is to post a questions post.  I looked around for  a little while and could only find the usual, boring ones (ie: your name, your favorite color, your last drink, etc..) Then, tonight, I was reading the Mama Still Wears Gucci blog and noticed a series of entries she did and now I've decided to do them as well :)  Enjoy! 

Do you hate me because I'm beautiful?
Hating someone just because they are beautiful would be just as bad as loving someone because they are ugly.  See, doesn't that sound just crazy? 

Name something phonetically or used verbally that makes you cringe.
Hmm... I can't stand the word snitch.  I've heard it so many times in such immature conversations that I would be perfectly satisfied to never hear it again.  Ugh, I can't even look at it! 

If you could do the nasty with one celeb, present company and professional fishermen excluded, who would it be? One male and one female please.
This question used to be hard but now it is quite easy.  Ian Somerhalder.  Can I just say AMEN?  Yes.  Okay.  And, I'm not interested in anyone but him, so no women shall be listed.  That's okay, right? 

If you could change one thing about your body, specifically, what would it be?
I'm fairly sure most of society would answer this question "I want to be skinnier."  However, I'm going to try not to do that, even if it is what I want.  So I'll say... I wish my fingernails and toenails were normal sized like most everyone else's.  Every time I get a manicure or pedicure, I get comments about them.  

When you try on clothes in a dressing room do you ever wonder about someone watching?
Their loss.  HAHA.  Um, no, but I probably will now....

What is your drink of choice?
Alcoholic beverage?  I assume so.  I rarely drink but I enjoy a strawberry daiquiri every now and then.  

Do you have any piercings or ink we haven't seen?
I don't think you've seen any piercings but either way, I only have my ears pierced.  So uninteresting, I know.  You know what though?  I want a henna tattoo.  Yes!  But I don't know where... or what... more on that later, I suppose.  

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bella inspired makeup look

Here are the photos for the finished results:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Want it, Need it, Gotta Have it!

Do you know how sometimes you see something and just think to yourself "I have to have this."  Well, this happens to me pretty much on a daily basis.  Since today is Friday the 13th and college starts back Monday, I wanted to end it with something cheery (kind of) - a wish list!

I love wish lists.  It gives me something to look forward to buying and if I ever need inspiration to do something, I tell myself if I do ________ then I can get one item off my wish list.  It works miracles, believe me!

Anyways, this is likely going to be an ongoing entry whenever I feel like updating it.  By the way, I am going to try to be better about updating this blog in general.  I need a schedule, or chart, or something.  For all of you who keep blogs, what kind of tips do you have for me to keep me up to date?  I would LOVE to hear your feedback/advice!  

1.  Things Remembered - 2 GB Gunmetal USB Pen - $45.00
What do I love about this item?
Well, for someone who thinks it's important to always have a pen on you, what better way of doing this than to have a pen that breaks apart and becomes a USB drive?  I'm a college student and USB drives are so great to have because they hold a good amount of information and they are small.  However, their size is also a flaw because I can't tell you how many I've lost.  This pen... solves that.  Oh, and also, you can personalize it.

2. Amazon Kindle WiFi - $189
What do I love about this item?
I have debated for months, maybe even years, whether or not I like reading digitally.  I consider myself to be old fashioned in regards to books and think there's nothing greater than flipping through pages of a good novel.  I also used to think that looking at a screen, such as on an E-Reader would give me headaches.  However, I've been reading a lot on my cell phone and, well, no headaches!  Now seeing the convenience of having e-books, especially now that libraries are jumping on board, I think it's time I jumped on board too.  Also, if you check out an e-book from the library directly onto your reader, it automatically gets returned in 21 days, making it impossible to get late fees! yay!