Monday, July 26, 2010

The *Perfect* Packing List

Hey everyone,

I am leaving to go camping with my family in less than a week and decided to make a packing list, as I always do before a trip lasting more than one or two days.  Since we have a camper, we have to put everything we use in there beforehand.  However, this list does not have to only be for camping.  It can be slightly modified (or maybe not modified at all, depending on where you're going) to suit staying in a condo, a cabin, or even moving into an apartment (obviously, this would require a bit of modification, such as furniture!)

General Items for kitchen area:
* Garbage can
* Garbage bags
* Dishwashing detergent/cloth
* Dish drawing rack
* Paper towels
* Cleaning supplies (for counters, floor)
* Tissues

Bathroom/Laundry Items:
* Clothing detergent (for a trip I recommend the $1 travel size container)
* Facial cleansing items
* Shampoo/Conditioner/hair products
* Blow dryer/curling iron/etc
* Body wash/gel
* Hand soap
* Towels/washcloths/hand towels
* Shower curtain
* Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Mouthwash/Floss
* Perfume/Cologne/Body sprays
* Shaving cream/gel/razor
* Deodorant
* Laundry bag/basket

Cooking Items:
* Pots/Pans
* Plastic ware (forks, spoons, knives, plates, bowls, cups)
* Cooking utensils (wooden spoon, hamburger flipper, etc..)
* Grill/Bbq + appropriate tools
* Coffee maker / Tea maker
* Firewood
* Lighter/Matches
* Skewers
* Food and Drinks (this may seem obvious but it helps to make a menu of what you plan to eat while there to make sure you bring all the necessary ingredients)
* Apron/oven mitts/pot holders
* Table cloth
* Can opener
* Cooler
* Ice (usually available on site, depending on where you're going)
* Can and Bottle coolers/koozie/cozies whatever you call them :)
* Non breakable wine/martini/your preferred drink glasses

For fun:
* Board games
* Life jackets
* Pool/hot tub essentials: bathing suit, sunscreen, aloe vera, goggles, towels, toys, hat, visor,
* Outdoor games:  volleyball, racquetball, tennis, bocci ball, horseshoes, etc
* Camera/Videocamera/batteries/memory cards/ etc
* Hammock
* Books/Magazines/Movies/DVDs/Blurays
* Dvd player/Bluray player/CD player
* TV
* Antenna
* iPod/MP3 player

Outside/Misc. essentials:
* Tent
* Outdoor chairs
* Outdoor carpet
* Outdoor lights/lanterns
* Insect Repellent
* Swiss army knife
* Blanket
* Poncho/Umbrella/Rainboots
* Fire extinguisher
* Clothesline/pins

Bedroom/Clothing items:
* Bedding: Mattress, mattress pad, pillows, pillow covers, sheet set, comforter, blanket, extra pillows, etc.
* Undergarments
* Outfits (again, best to plan these out.  Also, a tip, pack extra pairs of clothes.  You never know when there will be a "just in case" scenario.  Don't forget special outfits in addition to everyday ones for going out or just lounging around)
* Shoes/socks
* PJs (for some reason, I seem to always forget these)
* Accessories (Try to minimize the amount of accessories you pack, unless you're moving, of course.  One purse and a couple of pieces of jewelry should work for a vacation.)

Items you may not think about but will need:
* Paper
* Pens/Pencils
* Cash/Credit
* Cell phone + charger
* Laptop + charger
* Camera charger
* Batteries (already on here, but just in case you forget, here they are again.  They go fast, it's probably best they're listed twice.)
* Flashlight
* Flip flops for shower (no one likes foot fungus! ewww)
* First Aid kit (make sure to include poison ivy cream if you are going anywhere you MIGHT get it)
* Latex gloves
* Scissors/Glue
* Any medications you take + contraceptives
* Glasses/Contacts/Cleaning solutions
* Antacids
* Fan/Heater
* Driver's license/Travel confirmation documents/Itinerary
*  Sunglasses
* Keys
* Brush/Comb

Ladies only:
* Tampons/Pads
* Travel cleansing wipes
* Travel sewing kit
* Makeup (again, I suggest you plan before you leave and then place the makeup in a cosmetic bag)

* I read this and don't know how many people do it but I'd actually never thought of it.  If you're engaged and going on vacation, leave your diamond engagement ring in a safe place back at home and wear a CZ.  That way, just in case something happens to it, you will go home to find the real one safe.

* When packing clothes, roll them.  Not only does this save space, it also prevents the clothes from becoming wrinkled.

* To avoid the confusion of where you put your socks, toothpaste, etc.. organize everything into separate bags.  For example, the zebra duffel is for my clothing, the pink duffel holds my cosmetic bag, accessories (in a plastic baggie), and ladies products (in the blue zip up pouch) etc...

* Print this list out.  As you decide which stuff goes in each bag, write it down and check it off once it's packed.  This makes packing and unpacking MUCH easier because you are certain you packed something instead of just thinking you did.

* If you're taking a plane, be sure to read the weight and carry on instructions carefully.  The last flight I took, my luggage couldn't weigh any more than fifty pounds and you could have one carry on plus a personal item (such as a handbag, laptop bag, etc...)  Since there is a forty pound weight limit for your carry on, this is a good place to carry a lot of stuff, if you are comfortable doing so. It will save you a lot of money if you have that extra weight over fifty pounds.

* If you're taking a plane, I do not recommend a plain black baggage set.  There are hundreds around and you will likely waste a good amount of time searching for your baggage.  Instead, if possible, purchase a colored set to set yourself apart from other travelers.  If you insist on your black luggage, try to make it your own by adding a ribbon or design to it.

* If you are going to be in a camper, as I am, skip the baggage and simply put all your stuff directly into it.  This saves a step.  It may seem obvious but I had to put it in here just in case :)

If I missed anything or you have any other tips you think I should add, let me know!

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