Monday, June 28, 2010

How to do a Professional looking Manicure at home

If you're like me, you can't afford to go out (or maybe don't have enough time) and get a professional manicure every week or every other week.  I did research and gathered knowledge and tips for years and created my own manicure that looks and feels amazing.  View the videos below.  It is in three parts because I go into a good amount of detail as well as do each step with you.

How to French Braid your hair

So I did a video on how to French braid hair and I attempted to take photos of what it looked like.  Anyways, I promise a real blog post (other than about YouTube) is coming soon.

To view the video click here

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Neutral Subtle Metallic Tutorial Photos

Here are the before and after photos of this look:

Before Makeup (Only powder is used in this photo)
After makeup

View the video here:

Summer Bronze Day to Night Photos

Here are the before and after photos from the Summer Bronze Day to Night makeup tutorial posted on my YouTube:

Finished Day look
Day eyes
Finished night look
Night eye
Night eyes
Night lips
To view the tutorial, go to

Also, here's my YouTube Channel, Stiletto Palette where you can find all my videos.  Be sure to subscribe for instant updates :)

View the video here:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Deep Purple Smoky (Smokey?) Makeup

Hey everyone,

You have probably heard by now that I started a beauty/fashion Guru channel/vlog on YouTube.  So what I've decided to do is post photos on here to accompany the videos.  I will probably put the photos in the videos too but just in case... :)

The first tutorial I did (and the only one currently posted) is the Deep Purple Smoky Makeup look.  The entire look was created using Mary Kay makeup.  Most looks will be using Mary Kay because I have so much of it.  I am adding to my collection though so be on the look out for hauls on my YouTube channel :)

Here is the after picture:

Check out the video here:

Friday, June 18, 2010

An Update Blog!

So 2010 has been the year of drama for me, apparently.  It has appeared to settle down now and I've been picking up a LOT of hobbies to keep myself busy.  When I say a lot, I mean it.  I'm not the type of person to pick one thing and just do it long term.  I like to have lots of options because I'll get sick of it in like five minutes and just want to move on.

I guess this all started about two weeks ago?  two? three? I don't know.  It was less than a month, for sure.  So I was downstairs in our basement watching a show I had recorded and I didn't feel like going upstairs yet so I decided to flip through the channels.  Well I came across The Vampire Diaries that had only been on for about 3 minutes.  I had never seen it before and had heard really good things about it, but I didn't want to get into ANOTHER tv show (haha) so I hadn't been watching it.  But this was the pilot so I was like, why not?  It's possible that was a mistake.  I was hooked!  I immediately came upstairs and started watching all the episodes. Twice. Three times. It is such a good show.  And the guys on there are just... incredibly attractive.

My obsession grew to YouTube.  I started looking up Vampire Diaries fan videos.  So then I wanted to get back into making videos.  I have done X Files, Bones, and Sonny with a Chance videos in the past but YouTube deleted my account a little while back and I was mad at them so I just have created a new account.  But now there is one new video for Vampire Diaries and for the past few days I've been cutting clips to make more vids with :)  I'm really excited about them; they're so fun to make.  I'll put all the links I talk about below so they're all in one spot.

Sorry this is so long :(  THANK YOU for reading :)  Subscribe please?  

Okay where was I?  Oh yes, my obsession with YouTube. So while I was browsing YouTube, I came across beauty videos, tutorials, reviews, etc... and became obsessed with these too!  I became extremely interested and thought, that would be SO much fun!  So I created a second YouTube with the same name as this blog (Stiletto Palette, of course) and filmed an intro video with my digital camera.  So I posted it on YouTube and was like OH NO.  It came out so horrible.  I'm ashamed of it in a way.  So I went out the next day to Target and bought a webcam.  I got the... Logitech for laptops.  (I had to look, hence the dot dot dot)  So I filmed a couple of videos with this webcam and I am not impressed.  At all.  I'm having trouble with lighting and positioning and especially the voice matching.  Nothing annoys me more than when voices don't match up with their lips on TV so, I'm sorry about that.  I think I might go back tomorrow and return this webcam and get a better one (hopefully).  What I want is an Apple laptop but... I'm too poor to afford an Apple :(  How sad.  I WILL get one eventually though :)  One day!  The same thing with the Vampire Diaries vids, I'll put my link for Stiletto Palette on YouTube below.

You would think these two things would keep me occupied enough so I wouldn't need to do anything else.  Nope.  I don't know if y'all know this but I started a handcrafted jewelry business back in.. 2006?  Wow.  That doesn't seem right but I guess it is.  It's something that I do on and off (more off lately) and it seems the mood has struck me again.  My parents (like most parents) are bugging me to get a job.  I'm in college.  The last thing I want to do is go to work too.  If you are in college and have a job, I admire you.  I've done it before and one or the other ends up making me annoyed and I quit doing so well.  Anyways, I added some of my jewelry on Etsy tonight and HOPEFULLY it'll sell so I can start to build a customer base and I won't have to go be a cashier or whatever.  I'm also going to add handpainted items too like wine glasses, martini glasses, etc... I have some canvas too that I need to paint.  I'm thinking I might do some animal prints on there and hang them up in my room.  If I do, I'll take pictures :)

Okay so I THINK that's all of my current hobbies/businesses/etc...

Here are all my links!  Add me, Follow me, Like me, whichever qualifies :)  I would also appreciate it if you would forward this on whether it's on here or Twitter or Facebook, every little bit helps and I will love you forever <3

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stiletto Palette vlog!

Hey everyone!

Guess what!  I've decided to start a vlog!  I have really gotten into them lately and so I made one that relates to this blog in a way (kind of?).  It's named the same anyways.  I just posted my introduction video with my cell phone and I will be getting a webcam hopefully tomorrow (yay!) so the video quality right now is bad, but for my next video it'll be a LOT better.  Basically I'm going to be doing beauty tips/tutorials, product reviews, reviews in general, how to videos, what's in my _____ videos, etc... It's not going to be the same information I post on here, so no worries there :)  I put the link below so look at it, comment on it, and best of all - subscribe!

Stiletto Palette vlog intro

Monday, June 14, 2010

This week's style icon

Eva Longoria Parker

I've admired Eva for years which is why I chose her as my first style icon.  I'm going to begin doing the style icon blog on a weekly basis.  So check back weekly for this topic :)

One thing I love about Eva Longoria Parker is the fact that she is only 5'2" and always appears taller (except when standing next to her (ex) husband, 6'2" Tony Parker, of course)

Eva is very well aware of her body type and always wears clothes that flatter her.   Being petite myself at only 5'0, I admire her for this.

Skinny jeans:  Be wary of this style.  She has a slim body type so the skinny jeans look amazing on her, especially with the fitted top shown on the right.  Also, the large tote bag makes her appear even smaller.  The heels elongate her legs to make her appear taller than she actually is.  

The short, strapless dress:  Dresses above the knee lengthen legs and make you appear taller.  Also, the decorative bow at the top can be pulled off by petite/small chested women because it adds volume. 

The black/sophisticated look:  Wearing all black can either look really depressing, or really stylish.  These two looks by Eva Longoria Parker are amazing.  I have to say that four things make up this look:  A fabulous pair of black sunglasses, a black mini skirt (or dress), black opaque hose, and black boots.   I also love how in the first picture she uses a hot pink handbag to add a pop of color.  

The evening gown:  The choice to go with another strapless gown is an excellent choice for Eva.  I absolutely love this dress.  Having a petite body as she does, it is important not to overpower it with fabric which is why I love the sweetheart style neckline and the mermaid style gown (fitted throughout the bodice, hips, and thighs)  The red is also great for bringing out the olive in her skin tone.  Wearing her hair away from her face and carrying a small clutch does not take away from the shape of the gown/her height.  

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The phrase "time flies" really does apply when it comes to blog posts.  I can't believe it's been February since I last posted!

If this was a journal blog, I would tell you about how much my life has changed over the past four months, but it isn't.  So this is basically a "I'm sorry" post and to tell you that I am currently compiling a list of blog topics that I will be blogging about VERY soon.

Oh, how can I resist?  This is related to topic of this blog so I feel as though I can mention it.  I have applied for nine, yes, nine jobs at Saks Fifth Avenue and REALLY want one of them.  So if you could just wish me luck, that would be fantastic and I will be updating you to let you know if I get an interview.  Question though, I'm thinking that since this is a more upscale store than say, Target, what extra things can I do to show them how much I want the job?  I'm thinking of getting dressed up very professionally and going in there one day and introducing myself to the manager.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

Another order of business.  I want to do something on YouTube.  A web show of some sort.  But I have no idea what I want to do!  Any suggestions regarding this would be appreciated as well!

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