Sunday, January 31, 2010

I hate scammers.

People still seriously think they can scam me.  So check this out... I'm a member of this fantastic babysitting site where I get 99% of all my jobs.  However, anyone can sign up and post a job here.  I thought I had found a really good job today so I applied for it, like I do with  any other job on the site.  I checked a few minutes ago and this is the response I received:  

     Thanks for responding for the position...The Job offer is a Nanny Position,it is just to take good care of my Son,Jason,Female,3..,.I am originally from Geneva,Switzerland,i work for 
UNAIDS ORG,www.unaids.orgbut i will  be comming to state for som research due to the nature of my job,i have a contract with the organisation at united state for some months.Am very sure you will like her when u start with her cos she is a very inteligent type and she love to ask questions.
 LOCATION::My travel agent will be getting me aplace at your arare and Hotel or you will prefre me to bring her to your place....

HOURS:.I will want you to take care of her for any 3 days of the week for just 3hours per day,Days are within Mon till Sat choose a the days,Either in the morning or afternoon,let me know so that i can know my schedule.You will choose 3 days of the week,i want you to take care of her while i am at work.

PAYMENT:I will pay you $720 for first 2 weeks,and there is room for increment,..So will be will be comming to state soon....Payment will be made by check,you will deduct your fee and get the remaining moeny to my Travel Agent who is state with you for our arrangemnet to be in state.... so that he can take good care of my arrival and arrange for my travel paper and rent....So i will need your details inorder to get payment sent to you.
  NOTE:I will need two Refrences from you
I will be waiting to read from you asap
Best Regards

Ketch Danielle
Avenue Appia
CH-1211 Geneva 27

I'm just wondering, how stupid does this person think I am??? I reported it as a scam and deleted it.  As if I don't have enough troubles.  Lately, everytime I'm angry, I've been doing something creative.  I've been writing and painting mostly.  I'm also seriously considering putting the items on Etsy.  I don't know what else I could do with it, after all.  

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